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Rebekah's Lovely Newspaper

Fourth Quarter 2001 Issue

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Bible: Let Us Read

Have confidence in God's mercy, for when you think He is a long way from you, He is often quite near.

-Thomas a' Kempis

Our Physician

  1. Psalm 46  -  "our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble"
  2. Isaiah 41:10,13,20  - our strength, "the Holy One of Israel"
  3. Isaiah 40:27-31  -  "mount up with wings as eagles"
  4. Psalm 23:4  -  "thy rod and thy staff" (crutches)
  5. Sometimes the way is painful, but I could not even walk without His divine 'crutches.'  -  Psalm 23:5
  6. "annointest my head with oil" (prayer and anointing)  -  Matthew 10:29-31
  7. our value; Yahweh's care for us  -  Romans 8:35-39
  8. steadfastness in "tribulation", "distress", etc.  -  Romans 12:9-12
  9. "God of all comfort"  -  1 Peter 5:6,7
  10. "for He careth for you"  -  Philippians 4:19
  11. "supply all your need..... riches in glory"  -  Psalm 94:19 (NKJV)
  12. "In the multitude of my anxieties within me, your comforts delight my soul."



(This was a class Bible study, in our homeschool. -Rebekah)


  1. 1 Corinthians 1:8-10  -  fellowship with divine Spirits of Yahweh (Yahshua, Holy Spirit, Yahweh)1 Corinthians 10:20,21
  2. We don't want to "have fellowship with devils."  -  2 Corinthians 6:14-18
  3. If you can't find the right people, remain alone. Be separate from the ungodly. Righteousness can't have good fellowship with unrighteousness.  -  Revelation 2:2
  4. fake "Apostles" liars ("Try the spirits."  -  Revelation 3:9)
  5. Those that say they are followers of Yahshua, believers, Christians, and are not. They lie.  -  Ephesians 5:10,11
  6. Prove what is acceptable unto Yahshua. Reprove the fellowship of darkness.  -  Philippians 1:5
  7. "fellowship in the gospel   -  "Philippians 2:1-5
  8. Fellowship with the Spirit. Being of Yashua's mind  -  Philippians 3:10
  9. "fellowship in His sufferings" "conformable unto His death"  -  1 John 1:3-7
fellowship "in the light"
dead, dark fellowship versus alive, light fellowship in life

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by Mama Coover


     Thus,  CONFLICT! and a divider of the faith once delivered.



1. Yahweh is not a person, nor is He 3 people. Yahweh is a spirit (scripture). He manifested Himself as a man (Melchisidec / Yahshua), but He is not merely a person. He is a spirit!

2. "Trinity" is not a scriptural word, but a man-made doctrine.

3. Just because it is said that a man is composed of body, soul, and spirit doesn't make each human being 3 people. Likewise,

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit doesn't make YAHWEH 3 beings, and especially not 3 people of all things. That's like making up a doctrine that, since man is comprised of body, soul, and spirit, man is a trinity made up of 3..... GODS! Ludicrous! (We'd better not let that idea get out though or someone may run with it!)

4. Yahweh did manifest Himself for brief times only as a man. He also manifested himself as a burning bush. Shall we say then that YAHWEH is a bush? Sound silly? It is silly indeed, isn't it? By the same logic, we could say He is a big ball of fire (Hebrews 12:29) or great cloud of smoke for all eternity. (OT) Of course, we know this is not true, and neither is the "God is one, two, no three people." :-(

Perhaps this newfangled seed of separation called TRINITY was thought up, in part, to make people accepting of the fact that the church tries to portray the "Old Testament" God (YHVH) as a harsh law-wielding toughie and the New Testament part of God (Yahshua) as a gentle sweetheart who just LOVES EVERYBODY. If Yahweh really were different people, He could have multiple personalities like that, but scripture says Yahweh (Yahshua too) is the same .... yesterday, today, and forever. (Hebrews 13:8) (See also Hebrews 1:10-12)

5. When YAHWEH manifested Himself as a man (Yahshua), that man was a man, true, but at the same time, He was also divine.


Grizzly Bear

So who is Grizzly Bear, anyway? A real bear? Oh no! He is a Lydia Coover's pet, and don't you think the first proposal would be rather dangerous? :-)

Well, Grizzly Bear is a Banded Wooly Bear caterpillar. You might think a caterpillar is a worm, and that's it, but for Lydia and I, this caterpillar is quite a remarkable thing. And why not? If Yahweh took the time to create his species, why not study the little fellow, and enjoy him?

Lydia found Grizzly Bear in the side yard, curled up in a ball. In compassion, she brought him into the house. Now I used to have caterpillars, and one time loved one so much that I cried when I had to let him go because he was sick, and we figured he would die. I was pretty young then, but I still remember stuff about the caterpillar. We went to the Duron Paint Store. (Dad is a painter.) I found Katrina there. That was her name. And I loved that caterpillar.

Well, Lydia loves this caterpillar. She gave it a nice big gallon jar, that way she could easily reach in and take him out. She gives him four tissues, for bedding, and regularly changes them. He has two sticks, and constant food (plantain leaves) and water. She even kisses it! She used to think that this type of caterpillar was called an Abandoned Wooly Bear. :-) Well, you surely can't call this one abandoned, unless your speaking of the way his mother laid eggs and then flew away, leaving to never see her babies. But Lydia loves the little guy. She certainly is a good "mother" to him.

But why is his name Grizzly Bear? Well, you can probably guess why his last name is bear: Banded Wooly BEAR. But why Grizzly? It's just like this. We called him fuzzy, but I explained to Lydia that he is not fuzzy. He's more like bristly, or like a grizzly bear. And since we once read a book which had a man in it named Grizzley, and we knew it was a "real" name, this caterpillar became Grizzly Bear. And just like a real bear - in fact, just like the one on this page, he likes to climb: up his two sticks, up your arm, and even up your nose! (on the outside of course:-)

Hey children, or anybody out there who's interested, next time you see a caterpillar, why not keep it? And if you feel like it, write and tell us about it.

And if anybody has any good articles, feel free to send them in to the Articles page for possible publication.

Rebekah's Lovely Newspaper, P.O. Box 7, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania 17257

Thankyou,  the editress,    Rebekah J. Coover

Lift Yahshua!

-Rebekah J. Coover / the editress

Recently I saw a big crane type piece of machinery. Setting in the bucket of it was a pine tree, lifted high in the air. It's lights sparkled, and it was lifted for local people to see. All around me I see flags, up high on buildings, in windows, hanging from porches. But there's One Who I don't see lifted up. That One is the One that are supposed to be lifting up. Yahshua. He is Yahshua. And if we are really a Christian nation, why aren't we lifting Him up?

The Poem Page

Flying In Beauty

by Rebekah Josepha Coover


May my thoughts soar, In Your love evermore.

May my heart fly, Rising higher, SO high.

May it always be in the direction  Of Your "perfect love", and Your perfection.



by Rebekah J. Coover - age 12 - 11/8/01


I am lying in bed. It is dark. I am talking to Yahweh, my Friend, who loves me so.

I do not know what the future holds. One thing I know: I love Yahweh and He loves me. That is all I need to know.


I'm walking around the yard, breathing in the fresh air. The beauty is more than tongue can tell.

I don't know what the future holds. One thing I know: I love Yahweh and He loves me. No matter what, my soul is well.


I'm kneeling by the bed, talking to my precious Master, Saviour, Guide, Friend, Helper, and King.

I don't know what the future holds. One thing I know: I love Yahweh and He loves me. O HalleluYah, I can sing.


The Wounded Warrior

by Rebekah Josepha Coover - 12/14/01


There once was a wounded warrior, out on the battlefield of life,

And with valor and strength, he fought.

Amidst all the terrifying war and strife,

He bravely pushed on: Despite his trials,

surrender he would not.He fought. Yeah, he bravely fought.

We will be as him: surrender to satan we won't - No! We will NOT!


In the thick of the battle, his heart bleeding, he bravely pushed on.

It seemed everyone tried to bring him to nought.

He bit his lip: "Though my earthly family is dead; though they're gone,

I have my Saviour: with a price I have been bought.

"He fought: he fought for his King.

We will be as him. And one day, together in Heaven, we will sing.


Though it seemed his life was constantly in danger and peril great,

Still, the wandering lambs and goats and  sheep he sought.

He told of the Prince of Peace: He who is Heaven's beautiful gate:

Many despairing wanderers, he gently taught.Yes! We'll fight! We'll fight with all our might!

We'll wholly believe! In Yah's glorious mansion, a crown we'll receive!


"Today is almost gone," Oh where did yesterday go?

Live to the fullest, you will have brought gladness.

Give each of us patience. Keep each of us true.

Life has real meaning when you live for God.

written and submitted by Mrs. Al Waltermire

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The Menfolk's Page

Last Verse, Last Chapter

by Papa (Charlie) Coover - age 45


"And He shall turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse."  Malachi 4:6

Today we will talk a little about the family. In many nations across the world, there is becoming a family breakdown. And when the family breaks down, it seems as though a nation breaks down. A family becomes divided: a nation becomes divided.

Today we see many natural tragedies happening on the globe. These are physical tragedies that take place. Many of them are considered to be natural disasters. We also see other kinds of tragedies take place in the world that break the Sacred Handbook that has been given to mankind: people not honouring the One who gave the Handbook, committing many evils contrary to His instruction of Holy Living.

This can be compared to medicine. There seems to be more doctors and more medicines than ever to get people well, and yet there's more sickness than ever. In comparison, there are more religions, more churches, more synagogues, more mosques, etc. and yet a world of people very spiritually ill. Why all this misery? Yahweh is the answer, living by His Handbook. What is needed is united families. Yahweh is the Head over His Son, and Yahweh's Son has sent His Holy Spirit to those who desire to receive It. The fathers here on earth are over their wives, and both of them over their children. Just like Yahweh and Yahshua are over mankind generally, to give guidance on how to live through understanding His Holy Word by the Holy Spirit, so are the mother and father the children's guide to Holy Living. We, as fathers here on this earth, are producing a family, just as our Father in Heaven, Yahweh, is producing His family. We become one with our wives to produce children; in much the same way, Yahweh and Yahshua, through being One, produce a family, a spiritual family that is. It is our responsibility, as fathers here on earth, to turn the hearts of our children towards Yahweh and His blessings, through His Son, Yahshua, to have a very healthy, spiritual life. This in turn, turns the hearts of the children to their fathers, and the hearts of the fathers to their children. This becomes a very healthy spiritual and physical life, and a unified family which can, in turn, develop a unified nation. And if the house be divided, the house will fall. (Mark 3:25) Children's head (leader) is their parents; the wife's head, (leader) is her husband; and the husband's Head, (Leader) is Yahshua; and Yahshua's Head (Leader) is Yahweh, who gives freely His Holy Spirit to all the above who earnestly desire it.

Let us be as children, turning our hearts to our Father, Yahweh, that He can in turn, turn His Heart toward us, as His children. Let us also turn our hearts toward our children, and our children turn their hearts to us, their fathers. Let us not become among the tragedies that befall this world. Let us rather be a light, in Yahweh's service.


"Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in Heaven." Matthew 5:14-16

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Housekeeper's / Mother's Page

Can You Homeschool?

by Rebekah Josepha Coover


Can you homeschool? Many moms say they can't. Why can't they? Are they not smart enough? I hardly think that's the case. What do you need to know in order to homeschool. Here is a list of what you could call necessities:

1. How to read.

2. How to write.

3. What a number is.

So do you know how to do those things? If you do, you can read directions, read stories, write, and do arithmetic.

I guess there's a very slim chance that you don't know how to do these things. Does that mean that you need to send your children to the schools of the world? By all means no! Learn yourself. Learn how to read. Get some story cassettes with books for reading along and learn with your children. Remember, this is a very slim chance. I'm sure most of you who receive this newsletter know how to do the "necessities."

Is it just that your house isn't big enough? I heard of a couple with a lot of children, who homeschooled in a one room cabin. If that isn't proof that you don't need a lot of room, I don't know what is.

Sadly, I have found that it is not that many people can't: its that they don't want to.


An Upright Home

by Mama (Amy) Coover


Rebekah has asked me to write an article for this edition now several times, and today she finally pinned me down to the chair in front of the computer with a few instructions as to how to make the thing work....and so now here I am all on my own. That's sort of what it was like back when our children were all small and Yahweh pinned Charlie and I down in front of our responsibilities, and so there we were all on our own in a way. I say we were on our own in one way because, when it was revealed to us to home educate our children, we didn't have any veteran homeschool Gramas to look to for advice. We didn't have any friends who had done it. We didn't even know for sure if we could legally undertake such a thing. I just remember feeling confidant that raising these children was a privilege and responsibility, and that if we let their education up to someone else that we would be forfeiting that privilege and responsibility. If we left it to someone else and they didn't turn out the way they should, we would ultimately be to blame. The same held true ofcourse if WE did the teaching, but at least that way they would have the chance that Yahweh intended them to have for spiritual success. And besides, we had taught our oldest to do what at birth seemed impossible to me....we taught him a language, not just any language, but the English language, and that's complicated stuff, but we did it without a whole lot of thought as to what a complexity we were achieving. Plus we had already taught him an innumerable amount of other things up until the age of five, so why should we stop there when we had made such strides in accomplishment up until that point? Now, in another bigger way, we were not all alone, because we had Yahweh God right there leading us each and every day, so in that sense we were the unconquerable majority. :-)

Well, since we first began this journey over 16 years ago (our oldest recently turned 16), we have learned and grown much together as a family. I think on of the biggest misconceptions is that the teacher does all the teaching of all that he or she has known from the beginning and the student sponges it all in. In reality, there's alot that no teacher knows regardless of their years of education, and there is a wealth of information that the teacher will only ever tap into if they take the time to teach children, and in the process learn from them as well.

Way back when we started officially homeschooling (age 5; up until then the world thinks they're not learning anything) people would say to us, "Yeah, but what are you going to do when they get to hard subjects like algebra?" Well, you learn it together, that's what. And then, some things that are out there as potential subjects to be learned just might not be something you or your child wants to learn anyway. Take algebra for example- Matthew and I have already decided that Algebra is the kind of thing of which mental disorders are composed, and we both hate it, but in order for him to get a high school diploma, we're going to do it. Now, don't ask me how I ever got a high school diploma without knowing such necessary stuff, but I did. The neat thing about all of this though is that, besides the headaches we're experiencing together, we're doing it together and that time together is more valuable, at least to us, than the diploma. Actually, I haven't even looked at Algebra for over 20 years. Twenty years ago, as far as I was concerned, it was a foreign language, and it amazes me that I'm actually baby step by baby step, figuring it out....with Matthew's help. :-)

Back to when you taught your children to walk and to talk.....did you worry about it? Did you make strategy plans as to how you were going to meet your goals? Probably not. I know we didn't. I know life does get more complicated than that, but I think there's something to be

learned in those early lesson plans. Just relax and do what your heart tells you that you know you should be doing and take it day by day. Don't get bogged down too much with your plans. Remember that a man makes his plans, but the LORD Yahweh directs his steps. That comes from the Bible and it applies to women too, I'm sure. :-)

And don't forget to enjoy your children. They will only be young for such a short little bit of time. My babies are 16, 12, and 11....and it was only just yesterday that their lives began.

Enjoy school. If you're not enjoying it.....if they're not enjoying it.....chances are you're not doing something right. So do something else until it's right.....learn something else or learn some other way.....or let them "freelance" learn for a while.....or let them teach you something.... or let them teach each other......or let them get creative..... or give them a break, and yourself too. Do something fun together. Take a walk or a bike ride together. But whatever you do, don't give up and turn them over to the wolves out there who are always hungry. The wolves of this world come in all shapes and sizes, but they are all in agreement as to the game plan.... to destroy the children and to destroy the family. They probably won't be quick to admit that, but it's true none-the-less.

I was going to end there, but Rebekah just told me that I shouldn't end an article on such a down note. So I'll say.....SMILE! LOOK UP! HAPPY HOMESCHOOLING! (But I borrowed that phrase from one of Matthew's newspaper articles.)

If you ask me questions like, "How did Rebekah and Lydia learn Spanish without you knowing how to speak Spanish?" or" How did Matthew learn so much about the computer in order to teach everyone else in the family?" or "How did they all learn to play instruments that you can't play?" or "How did they learn these things within your home with little or no outside instruction?" or "How did you yourself ever take flute from the 2nd to the eighth grade in public school and never learn to read a note of music the whole time?" For these and all other questions, maybe I'll write another article sometime, or maybe you could come and see us operate firsthand. I don't know, but I'm going to go sing with Lydia awhile.

The Children's Page:


by Rebekah J. Coover


Jacob stamped his foot angrily. Nineteen years old, and still subject to doing what Mom said. Mom never did anything for him! He banged the door behind him, and sat down on his bed. He shouldn't have to make this bed. He shouldn't have to vacuum the floor. Mom saw dirt when there wasn't any there.

"What's wrong, Jacob?" asked Sister Sue, standing in the doorway.

Jacob glared at Sue. "It's time you women find out how dependent you are on men. You want men to do everything. You never do anything for us."

"Perhaps," Sue said softly. "Maybe...." She said it as though she doubted what she was saying. "Maybe..... you are right. I'll see what Mother says." Jacob sat on the bed. Sue had something up her sleeve: he was sure of it. Sue came bounding up the stairs. "Oh Jacob!" she cried, eyes shining. "Mother gave in!"

"To what?" demanded Jacob.

"For a whole week, you're not to do a thing for us!" she cried. "But then..." in a quieter voice, "We're not to do anything for you either. We'll do things for Father, but not for you."

"Oh humph," snorted Jacob. "Like what do you do for us?"

"Jacob, I'm not open to talk about it, but there's one thing. You do need to keep your room clean." When she saw the anger in Jacob's eyes, she hurried on. "That's your own stuff. It's not like you're doing us a favour."

"Alright," Jacob agreed. Sue left, chuckling. "It's not funny!" he yelled.

"You wait," Sue giggled back. "You're looking at things in a very narrow-sighted way."

"I am not. You wait and see," Jacob retorted.

Sue went down the stairs, and Jacob busied himself cleaning his room. Sue was very silly. She was the narrow-minded one. Besides, she was only fifteen. What right did she have to make fun of him?

Having completed the job, Jacob hurried downstairs. It would be easy to keep his room clean, if he didn't constantly need to be serving Mother, Sue, and Julie. Spotting the loaf of bread on the table, he reached over to get a slice.

"Halt!" cried Julie.

"What?" Jacob looked up in surprise.

"You're not to eat that," giggled Julie.

"Why not?" Jacob demanded. "What are you saving it for?"

"The rest of us. I made it, and I'm not to do anything for you." Julie seemed very pleased with herself.

Jacob opened his mouth to argue, but shut it again. There was nothing he could do. Julie was right. "You wait till you need me," he growled, leaving the room. Outside, it hit him. If he couldn't have bread, he couldn't have any of the meals. And.... what was he to eat?

Supper time rolled around. Jacob smelled pizza in the oven, his favorite. His mouth watered, and his stomach grumbled. He hadn't eaten any lunch. Feeling sick, he walked over to the porch swing. It was broke.

Just then, Julie appeared. "Jacob, are you miserable?"

"Julie, don't ask me dumb questions," Jacob snapped to his twin.

Julie looked at him lovingly. "You....." She paused. "If you'll.... fix the porch swing for me, I'll let you eat supper."

"Mother won't mind?" gasped Jacob.

"I'm sure she won't," Julie assured him.

That wouldn't be such a bad deal, thought Jacob. But it will make me look silly, for changing my mind.

"Well, will you do it?" asked Julie.

"Yes." In a few minutes, Jacob returned to the swing, gladly carrying a hammer and nails. Helping each other out wasn't so bad after all.

Well, children,  You see, this spot is fun. I want you to get a piece of paper, and draw a nature picture. It can be an animal, a plant, or even a bug! Don't say you can't draw good. Draw one anyway. When you have your picture finished, put it in an envelope, put a stamp on it, and send it to: Rebekah's Lovely Newspaper - Post Office Box 7 - Shippensburg, PA 17257 (You may need the help of an older person) I will choose which pictures to stick in Rebekah's Lovely Newspaper. The pictures I choose will be on The Children's Page next issue. I won't just pick the best ones: I'll pick a variety of different looking ones, so don't worry that your's doesn't look good. But somebody better send some in, or there won't be any for The Children's Page. Don't put it off and put it off, or you may not send it in in time for the next issue of RLN. Have fun, and use your talents for Yahweh's glory. I'll look forward to hearing from you!

The Missionary Column

My Mission

by Rebekah J. Coover - age 12 - 9/18/01

Hello. I'd like to talk a little bit about the job that Yahweh has given me. It is sometimes difficult, but it's worth living up to. First Peter 2:9 says, "But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of Him who hath called you out of darkness into His marvellous light: which in time past were not a people, but are now the people of Yahweh: which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy." Exactly! My mission is to be of the "chosen generation", of the "holy nation" (not America.)

This verse says that we once "were not a people.....had not obtained mercy." But now, Yahweh has had mercy on us. He has taken away the awful bondage of sin, and continues to perfect us. What a wonderful Father He is. Now my heart goes out to those who still aren't "a people", and who still haven't "obtained mercy." My heart goes out to little children, who seem so sweet, but become so corrupted. My heart goes out to youth, troubled youth. There are many empty faces out there. My heart goes out to old people, for they have a great chance of dying soon. But my heart goes out to all, for death often comes without warning. Then too, those who do not have Yahshua are miserable. My father and I have said that "they are not living: they are existing." That existence is indeed a miserable and fleeting one.

I need to depend on Yahweh more. I need to come to Him in prayer more, for help in my daily walk. Many times, I fail. And what kind of light is that to the world, to my neighbors, to my family? satan likes to catch us unawares, when he thinks he can get us to commit sin, and feel justified in doing so. But that is wrong, and we must beware of those testings.

I have a burden on my soul for the lost, but many of the lost seemingly want to be lost. That is sad. The Bible says, "For Yahshua Himself testified, that a prophet hath no honour in His own country." John 4:44 How true! And I don't think missionaries are accepted very well in their "own country", either. I would love to be a missionary to the Spanish-speaking people some day - perhaps go to an island of Spanish-speaking people someday, and be a share the gospel. I am only twelve yet, but it's a good time to learn, and I am learning the Spanish language. It is really not hard. I love it! And I don't believe Yahweh gives me these spiritual desires in vain.

Well, pray for me, brothers and sisters in the faith, that I would use discernment, that all that I do would be done in love (1 Corinthians 16:14), and that I would be "all glorious within" (Psalm 45:13)

"If we love one another, Yahweh dwelleth in us, and His love is perfected in us." 1 John 4:12b

Want to be a tract missionary? Contact Christian Light Publications at P.O. Box 1212 - Harrisonburg, VA for 50 free copies of the tract of the month, each month. Each tract has a space for you to put your address. Or contact RLN Salvation Outreach Tracts - Post Office Box 7 - Shippensburg, Pennsylvania 17257 for information on the tracts that we put out. Or, sit down and make your own. That's really the best way to do it.

Has Yahweh laid being a missionary on your heart? Write and tell us about it. Let us know if you would like to have what you write put in the Missionary Column, and we may print it. Send all things on this topic to:Rebekah's Lovely Newspaper - Post Office Box 7 - Shippensburg, PA 17257

Remember to let us know if you would like it printed in the Missionary Column, and may Yahweh richly bless you, in your work for Him. But remember: you don't have to go somewhere else, to be a missionary. If you are called to stay where you are, stay where you are. But you can still tell us about your missionary work!

Sincerely, Rebekah

Science With The Bible

Glittering Flakes

Glittering flakes. What am I talking about? Snow. And with the coming snow season approaching, I think this is rather appropriate. I thought about doing a lesson on snow, but thought, "No. I'll do something from the book of Sirach." I turned to Sirach 43, the chapter that I've been using for Science With The Bible, found the verse, and this is what it said. "By His command He sends the driving snow...." Sirach 43:13a. Well, I thought that was pretty neat.

So Yahweh sends the snow. Then it doesn't just happen? Of course not. I hope we know that by now.

Let's turn over to Genesis 8:22. This is a verse that I really like. "While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease." What a promise! Yahweh cares about everything. We can trust that He's not going to get tired, and let it stay nighttime for thirty-six hours. The Bible says that He never even sleeps! (Ps. 121:4) And we can trust that after a long season of glittering flakes, seedtime and warmth will come again.

Snow symbolizes purity. Yahshua is pure. See Mark 9:3.

Read Psalm 51:7. We want to be clean. We want to be as white as - and yes, even whiter than snow. But we need Yahshua's help. We need His Holy Spirit in our lives. Just as Yahweh "sends the driving snow", He will send the Holy Spirit into our lives, to transform and renew us. But beware! Do not let satan dirty your snow.



by Rebekah Coover - age 12 - 11/6/2001


"Whiter than snow!" May this be my cry.

Hold me near, Yahweh. O draw me nigh.

Hold me close to Thy heart, dear Yahweh,

And let me never, no never stray.


The Flag

by Rebekah J. Coover - 9/21/2001


"Look, son." Daddy pointed at the American flag. It was a crisp October day, and the symbol of America waved proudly in the autumn wind. "The symbol of America: brave, strong, virtuous America." Daddy looked at his little boy, waiting for a response.

"Daddy, I know there's meaning to those colors too," Peter said.

"Yes Peter, there is. Can you tell me what they represent?"

"Yes, I think I can," Peter replied. "The red stands for all the murder and bloodshed that America takes part in."

"You mean how brave America is?" asked Daddy, a little bit nervously.

"No. I mean how Americans kill in what they call war, and bully others around in just... plain life," stated Peter. "And white stands for the way Americans pretend they're holy, when they're not. I mean, most of them aren't. Blue stands for the way America is cold towards Yahweh, and deathly ill. The stars stand for the few in America that still shine for Yahweh. Am I correct?"

Daddy didn't answer. He looked at the flag so proudly waving at him, showing her colors to all that would look. This time he looked at it through different glasses.What glasses are you looking through?


Summary Of James 1:1-5

by Lydia E. Coover - age almost 11 - October 25, 2001


Rejoice in persecution (hard times). Hard times teach you patience. Don't just have patience some of the time and some of the time not have it. If you don't have wisdom, if you're lacking it, ask Yahweh for it, and He will gladly give it to you. Yahweh is the one that giveth to all.


Mom has been conscious of her weight lately. I have offended her several times. This was the content of our last conversation.

Mom: "Does this nightgown make me look fat?"

Rebekah: (trying to be very careful how I word myself) "I don't know. It doesn't matter at night anyway, does it?"

Well, that time it didn't offend her. She thought it was rather funny, and was very pleased to have it published in RLN. :-)

-Rebekah, the editress


Everybody worships America like it's a god. And to some people, it is. Well, I read a verse in the book of Jeremiah the other day. Chapter twelve verses sixteen and seventeen. Read it with me.

"And if they learn well the ways of My people and swear by My Name, saying, 'As surely as Yahweh lives' - even as they once taught My people to swear by Baal - then they will be established among My people. But if any nation does not listen, I will completely uproot and destroy it, declares Yahweh."


Look at America. Don't look at her through the eyes of patriotism. Look at her in the light of scripture. Honestly answer this question. "Does 'my country' really listen to Yahweh? Is she really what I should idolize? Isn't that making another god before Yahweh?" Actually think about what America is, what the majority believes in:

(1) Lying (And they usually get away with it.)

(2) Stealing

(3) Abortion

(4) No Yahweh

(5) Killing (If not in 'civil life', then in war. And isn't that what war is: murder?)

(6) Divorce, Remarriage, Divorce, Remarriage, again and again and again and again and....

(7) Hate

(8) Government run schools which teach all these horrors

(9) Television which teaches all these horrors

(10) etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

-Rebekah, the editress


"They Will Walk And Not Be Faint......."

by Rebekah J. Coover - age 12 - 10/29/2001

Lydia and I were having such a good time. We were playing a cassette of songs in the Spanish language. We were singing with our Spanish song book. We sang, Only A Boy Named David. We can sing it much faster in English, so we sang it in English Lydia didn't want to dance, but I finally coaxed her to. Round and round we went. Then my ankle turned over, and thud! Laughing, I attempted to keep singing, clapping my hands, but the pain was too great. I stopped singing. This all struck Lydia as very funny, and she was laughing. She didn't realize it was serious. I figured that I had sprained my ankle, and made my way to the rocker, where I sat down. I don't remember how I got there, I just know I must have crawled, because it hurt terrible to even set my heel on the ground.

Well, this occurred about a week before the Festival Of Tabernacles, and it really got me down when I found out that I wouldn't be walking for several weeks. Of all the things to happen!

We went to Missouri for the Festival, even so. I got along rather well, (other than for the fact that I must have repeated what happened a million times :-) Last night, I took my first step without crutches. It was wonderful. I walked across the semi-dark room. I lifted my hands and heart in praise. I called Mom up, and she called Dad. Mom, Dad, and Lydia all watched me. By this time, I was getting bothered, because I didn't like the audience. Later on, it hurt more than usual, but before that, I got in bed, and with my heart full of joy, I looked up Isaiah 40:28-31, the passage that means alot to me. I then looked some other verses, and wrote down the following conversation between Yahweh and I.

Rebekah: Let me hear joy and gladness; let the bones You have crushed rejoice.

Yahweh: Do you not know? Have you not heart? I am the everlasting Elohim, the Creator of the ends of the earth. I will not grow tired or weary, and my understanding no one can fathom. I give strength to the weary and increase the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in Me will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Rebekah: When I said, "My foot is slipping", Your love, O Yahweh, supported me. When anxiety was great within me, Your consolation brought joy to my soul.

Psalm 51:8; Isaiah 40:28-31; Psalm 94:18,19


Shabbot Shalom   -   Sabbath Peace

by Rebekah J. Coover


What peace is there to going to the local 'church', hearing a secular sermon on 'Saved By Grace', preaching 'no works of for the Lord', (and what 'Lord' are they - whoever 'they' is - really living for?), competing in a ball game with the youth: tired, hot, and dusty go to eat out at Hardee's, and you know that when evening comes, you'll be going out for night shift at Walmart?


A Big Advance

by Rebekah J. Coover - age 12 - 11/8/01


I watched the little leaves playing tag, running softly here and there, jumping, sailing on the wind, catching each other, and as they played, you could hear them rustling in glee. They care not where they go or who sits next to them. They care not how many leaves are it in tag; it doesn't bother them if a new leaf joins them in their play. I watched the child running and playing, shouting with glee. She didn't care that the girl who ran with her had different skin color than she did. She didn't have angry feelings towards the boy who had wronged her last week. I watched the baby, sleeping on the bed. She cares not about people clothes. She cares not if their faces are pretty, or if they have smooth hands. It doesn't bother her if the person holding her is tall, short, thin, or fat. In her innocency, she must be something like Yahweh. She looks at the heart. If we could stop trying to be modern, stop trying to update everything, and just go back and be simple; if we could just be like the scampering leaves, and have the simple hearts of infants and children........ that would be a big advance.

Prayer Request Corner


Please pray for my great grandmother. Read the following poem if you would like to know why.


Great Grandmother

by Rebekah Josepha Coover - age 12- 7/29/01


She is old and frail and spent;

In the way of sin she's went;

She's walked apart from Yahweh

Like the price is too much to pay,

To give up the ways of sin,

And let Yahshua enter in.

Our prayers rise for her lost soul:

In her heart, there's a big bowl,

Empty, waiting to be filled,

With the peace of Yah's blest will.

But she will not change her way,

And turn to eternal day.

She is old and tired now,

And the wrinkles cross her brow;

She is sad, lonely, and lost:

She has not counted the cost'.

But with gentle, pleading cries,

Our prayers will continue to rise.

For Yah in Heaven above,

Through His great mercy and love,

Can soften the heart of her,

Flames of lost love upward stir;

Make her to be soft clay

That He molds from night to day.


I ask you once more: please pray for her. Thankyou. And if you have any prayer requests, feel free to send them to Rebekah's Lovely Newspaper for possible publication.