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Road Of The Pilgrims

2nd Quarter 2001 Issue

Table Of Contents

The Splendor Of The Stars
Yahshua Word Search
Children's Scripture Study
The "Old Rugged Cross": Another Elohim?

Store-owners will sometimes change the name of their store, if they are not getting enough business to suit them. This technique is used to draw in more business.------Yahweh never changes His Name. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He lets people come to Him as they want to. And He doesn't change His Name.

The more spiritually mature we get, the more Yahweh means to us.

Today's modern idea of male and female getting sexually close without marrying, is like trying to tie a shoe before you put it on.

A little neighbor boy lets his pants get dirty because they're "old." Sometimes, "old" is best.


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